Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

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Latest Version 2.2.504545.0
Developer Amazon Mobile LLC
Operating system Android, iOS
Language English
Price $99.99 Echo(4th Gen)
$59.99 Echo Dot(4th Gen)
$199.99 Echo Studio
Available version 2.2.504545.0
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Amazon Alexa can be referred to as Alexa. It is an innovative product developed by Amazon. Alexa is a virtual assistant that adopts Artificial Intelligence Technology. The first application of the device was in the Amazon Echo smart speaker. Alexa is compatible with several operating systems or platforms, including iOS, Android, Fire, Fire OS, Cortana, and Amazon Echo. This device is highly recommended for people who want to get more out of their Echo products. Alexa prevents you from losing track of your recently played audiobooks or music. This product is available in multiple languages, including French, English, German, and many others.

More Details

Features of Alexa:

You can use Amazon Alexa to perform different tasks. The device can set alarms, offering up-to-date information about weather, sports, or traffic, making a to-do list, playing audiobooks and podcasts, etc. Below are some of the functionalities of this device:

  • Manage and Control Your Device - With Amazon, you can check the status and control the Alexa-compatible devices that you have at home. This means that you can manage your thermostats, locks, and lights compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Organize Your Moment - Amazon Alexa allows you to view and edit your to-do lists while at home or on the move. Apart from that, you can control your alarms and timers, get news and weather updates, and many more. Listen to Music and AudioBooks Select your favorite songs and listen through your Alexa-enabled device
  • With this device, you can create speaker collections that will enable you to perform music simultaneously with your Echo devices, thereby producing high-quality music in different rooms
How to install the application

How to download and install Amazon Alexa on your mobile device?

The steps below explain how you can download the app on Google Play:

  1. Launch Google Play on your Android device
  2. Input “Amazon Alexa” in the search bar
  3. Touch the most relevant search result
  4. Tap “install” to download and install the app
  5. Wait for the process to complete
  6. Tap “open” to launch the app
  • The above app is a mobile app that will not change any system settings on your phone
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to uninstall the app?

You can uninstall Amazon Alexa on your mobile device by following these steps:

  1. Locate the “setting” icon on your phone
  2. Tap Application manager or Apps
  3. Touch "Amazon Alexa"
  4. Press "uninstall"
Tips & Tricks

More about the App

  • Amazon Alexa features red, orange, and purple indicator lights. These lights indicate the operating conditions of the device. For instance, spinning orange shows that the network is in the process of establishing a connection with your network. This should resolve and turn green to indicate it’s ready
  • The pulsing violet indicator light depicts a glitch during a Wi-Fi setup, while a solid red indicates that the microphone is inactive and the device won’t respond to your command. These will let you know if anything has gone wrong with your set-up process
  • You can activate the Super Alexa by saying, “Alexa up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. You will get the reply that Super Alexa mode has been activated. This is a fun game that you’ll be able to experiment with
  • Alexa is an ideal device for individuals looking to get real-time information from the comfort of their homes. The device provides you with up-to-date information about the weather, sports, traffic and news. All you need to do is activate Alexa by asking a question prefixed by saying ‘Alexa,’ and what you want to know
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