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Speechify - text to speech tts


Have you ever wanted to read something but don't have the actual energy to sit down and read it? If that's the case, then the Speechify app will be perfect for you. With this app, you'll be able to convert any text, document, book, email, file, or PDF to voice text. This text to speech software will then read your document to you, allowing you to save time and make the process of reading as easy as can be. With Speechify, you'll be able to listen to books while doing chores, going about your daily tasks, or simply while on your daily commute. No matter where you are, you'll be able to access this TTS tool in seconds, making reading text a breeze.

Voice Aloud Reader (TTS Reader)


Do you find yourself constantly reading articles and documents on your phone or computer screen? Are your eyes tired and strained after only a few minutes of reading? If so, then you need to check out the @Voice Aloud Reader App! This app is an HTML reader, document reader, and ebook reader all in one. You can use it to read articles and documents on-screen or listen to them when your eyes are tired, malfunctioning, or busy elsewhere. Plus, you can change the voice style and language, pause/resume playback, and adjust the reading speed to suit your needs. So if you're looking for a way to ease the strain on your eyes, or just want an alternative to reading on-screen, then be sure to check out @Voice Aloud Reader App!

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab


Learn everything you want to about birds with the world’s leading app for birds: Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab. With the Merlin App, you’ll get access to eBird, which is the world’s largest database that records bird sounds, sightings and photos. With four different fun ways to identify birds, Merlin helps you learn about what birds you have come across in your birdwatching endeavors and explorations. Maybe you’re an avid birdwatcher or perhaps you’re just a curious hiker, having the Merlin Bird ID App offers you free access to all kinds of features. You’ll get expert tips for identification, maps, photos, sounds and even range maps that will help you enjoy your bird watching activities. Plus, you’ll get a customized list made for where you live or travel.



Bible allows you to bring the power of god into your life with this handy bible app. You can customise your bible by adding handy notes and highlights to passages of the bible that you love. You can gain offline access for reading anytime, anywhere, and you can also get a verse of the day widget - something that gives you daily reminders to soothe your spirit. You can search by the emotion that you're feeling, and it will give you an answer - whether it is love, comfort, joy, grief, depression, loneliness and more. You can complete daily devotionals to strengthen your faith, and share it all with friends, too. You can share verses with your friends via social media, email or text, or sync items you love to the cloud for safekeeping. You can also create your own verse images too!

King James Bible


By downloading the free King James Bible (KJV) you can increase the capacity of your faith from wherever you are in the world. You can finally say goodbye to the days of only being able to study the Bible when you have a physical copy in hand. This app features the KJV in its authorized text, which is an English translation of the Christian Bible which was completed in 1611. In addition to having access to your favorite scriptures, you can also enjoy the audio versions and enhanced study components that the app offers. Whether your preference is to study alone or with your friends and family, the King James Bible app gives you the tools to do so. Download for free today to get started.

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster


Tired of carrying around that ten pound dictionary everywhere you go? The go-to English dictionary of the American people is now available in pocket size; the Dictionary - Merriam-Webster app puts a world of knowledge at your fingertips and helps you increase the capacity of your English language knowledge. Whether you find yourself needing to quickly reference a definition or you are looking to build your vocabulary, this app comes with everything you need. Additionally, the app developers have added new word games to make the experience of learning new words more fun and engaging. Download the free Dictionary - Merriam-Webster app today to enjoy numerous features and a true one-stop-shop for all things English language.

Oxford Dictionary of English


Backed by over 150 years of research, the Oxford Definition of English is the go-to resource for anyone who is looking to enhance their use of English in academic and professional settings. This app is often used by Students looking to enhance their capacity for language-related knowledge, elevate their workplace vernacular, and prepare for standardized testing, including verbal and written language exams relating to citizenship and visa requirements. This app is updated with the most recent word database from the Oxford University Press and comes with over 75,000 audio pronunciations to help users remember and say the words correctly. Download the free Oxford Dictionary of English app today to get started.



One of the world’s leading digital library apps, Hoopla allows users to carry a huge library of books and movie titles anywhere they go! Get access to more than 1,000,000 titles ranging from blockbuster films to best-selling titles, from niche items to new releases, all accessible on your smartphone. Hoopla offers audiobook experiences, eBook readers, music, graphic novels and comic books, as well as video content. The app can be downloaded for free and all that is required is access through your local library. Listen, read and watch without bothersome ads, 24 hours a day, with no late fees. Plus, thousands of new titles are added to the Hoopla app each month, keeping the content fresh on a regular basis.

Go Radar


If you play Pokémon Go, the Go Radar mobile app is perfect for you. Have you ever felt like you're catching fewer Pokémon than your friends? Do you struggle to find the best Pokémon? Go Radar tracks every single Pokémon on Pokémon Go in real-time, so you'll be able to move forward on your journey to becoming a Pokémon Master. Go Radar tracks Pokémon all around the world, so you can use it wherever you are, as long as you have access to the internet. All of the content used in Go Radar is user-submitted. You can use Go Radar safe in the knowledge that you're following the advice of the most dedicated members of the Pokémon Go community. Go Radar is completely safe and never connects to the Niantic servers.



Dreame is the perfect app for story lovers. When you download Dreame, you'll gain access to over 200,000 original novels. There are many genres, including romance, wealth, suspense, marriage, and more. You'll definitely be able to find something to enjoy. If you struggle to choose what to read, Dreame will even make recommendations for you. Once you get hooked on a great story waiting for the next part can be painful, but free stories on Dreame are updated every day. Additionally, Dreame is the place for you to share and discuss your ideas with a large community of book lovers. With over 5 million users, you'll be sure to find like-minded readers with whom you can talk. Dreame is also perfect for writers. You can hone your skills with classes, tutorials, publishing guides, and more, and also take advantage of frequent promotional activities.



The ReadEra mobile app is a powerful all-in-one reading tool that is perfect for book lovers. When you use ReadEra you won't have to worry about ads, internal purchases, or being compelled to sign up for any additional paid services. You can simply read without paying a thing! You don't even need an internet connection. ReadEra can read almost any format. It can open large PDF documents and crop the margins for a better reading experience. Epub and Kindle formats are also fine. ReadEra can even open fb2 formats straight from a zip archive, so you don't have to bother unpacking. All you have to do is download the file you want to read, and ReadEra will automatically detect it. Once you've started reading, you'll have access to the reading settings, table of contents, saved bookmarks, quotations, text highlights, written notes, and many more options.

Audiobooks from Audible


For lovers of books, podcasts, and entertainment on a massive, global scale, Audiobooks from Audible is the only app you need! With an extensive library of continually updated works, ranging from thrillers, detective mysteries, epic romance, fantasy, biographies, and everything in between, you will never find yourself empty-handed whenever you have the app open - no matter your location. That's right, don't worry, offline download is available, so where ever you are, your favorite stories await. With an intuitive credit system delivered every month with your subscription, listeners can expand their libraries however they please: it's no wonder over one hundred million users have already taken the plunge and downloaded Audiobooks from Audible. Podcasts provide as-it-happens discourse on world events, while novels provide stories we all know and love. Anyone can find a place here. Audiobooks from Audible creates a space for growth, fun, and education.

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