Cisco Webex Meetings


Keep your business running smoothly from wherever you are with the help of the official Cisco Webex Meetings app. The meetings run through this platform are highly secure, so you can conduct important conversions with peace of mind knowing that what happens in the meeting will stay in the meeting. The video and audio quality are renowned across the industry, with easy-to-use features like sharing, chatting, meeting scheduling, and more. The Cisco Webex Meetings app acts as an extension of your most important business activities to keep you on track in any environment. Download and get started for free today.

Adobe Connect


Adobe Connect allows you to manage, launch, and customize your workplace meetings easier than ever. This app is designed to give administrators complete control of every facet of the virtual meeting experience, from attendee rights to meeting records and audio call preferences. You can also integrate custom features into your meetings to encourage participation, including the chat and polling tools. The platform also includes closed captioning, intuitive learning games and activities, and more. The app is designed to improve the communication capabilities for all types of organizations, from creative collaborators to businesses and government organizations, everyone can benefit from the user-friendly nature and enhanced functionality. To get started, simply download the Adobe Connect app and sign into your account.

Duo Mobile


Duo Mobile is the partnering app for Duo Security's two-factor authentications. The app is designed to make it easy to generate user passcodes and engage with push notifications for an easier authentication process. This app can also be used to manage other two-factor authentication services requested by applications and web providers that are password-protected. In order to pair your Duo Mobile app with your Duo account, simply click on the activation link that can be found during the Duo enrollment process. Accounts may be activated by QR code, password, or other available methods of verification. Download the Duo Mobile app for free today to get started.

Scanner App


Use the Scanner App on your Android mobile device in a variety of ways to keep your documents organized and sorted. With text recognition, PDF Scanning, document editing and even an e-signature maker, the Scanner App lets you do the things you need to do to get your documents scanned, signed and more. It’s like having an entire office suite machine right in your pocket! Easily install the powerful Scanner App for free on your Android mobile device and use it with in-app purchases so you can get everything done right at your fingertips. With multiple modes, you can scan not only documents, but photos, books, IDs, invoices, business cards, contracts, study notes and so much more. Edit, sign, share and more with pin-protection for safety.



Make webinars super easy by using the GoToWebinar App on your mobile phone or tablet at home or on the go. Even if you’re away from your computer, you don’t need to miss important online meetings. The GoToWebinar App is free to download and free to use for organizers and attendees. The app provides tons of different features that allow meeting attendees to join easily with just one tap, view slide presentations up close, listen in using VoIP or one-touch phone dialing, and even participate by raising their hands, asking questions or participating in polls. Organizers can schedule a single occurrence, edit scheduled meetings, share links for Webinars, and view a count of registrants. The GoToWebinar App makes online meeting easy and puts them right at your fingertips.



Get access to all of the features you need for your office, using the OfficeSuite App on your Android mobile device. Stay super productive and organized on your mobile phone or tablet using the Office Suite App for Android or Apple devices. The app offers all the features you need to read, write, edit and create documents on Word, spreadsheets on Excel, presentations on PowerPoint and even PDF documents. Excellent for personal or professional use, the OfficeSuite App by Microsoft allows you total access on the go, even letting you link your Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or Dropbox accounts to save your files easily. Designed especially for work on the go, this app allows you to have a mobile office where you can create and share in compatibility with your clients, coworkers, family members and more.

Intune Company Portal


Use the Intune Company Portal to get access to corporate applications and resources using almost any network that’s out there, as long as your company subscribes to Microsoft Intune. This App is a great way to stay connected with what’s going on in your company life, with excellent features that your company IT admin enrolls you for and gives you access to. The best features for the Intune Company Portal App include accessing corporate resources, browsing and installing various company apps, viewing and managing your enrolled devices, change your work account password, and get contact information for your IT department so you can get access to the tech help you want and need. Intune Company Portal App can be downloaded and used for free on your Android or iOS mobile devices.



Get all of your shipping needs met quickly and easily—and at your fingertips—using the FedEx app available for Android or Apple mobile devices. The FedEx App offers several different useful features, including creating shipping labels, tracking shipment status, and managing your packages no matter where you are in the world! Available in all regions of the world where FedEx does business, you can use the FedEx App to see where your packages have been, where they are going and when they’ll arrive. Track the status of incoming or outgoing packages, create mobile shipment labels and request pickup (in certain areas) enable push notifications to stay updated, schedule pickups, find a FedEx store location near you, and so much more.



Stay safe and keep your private items hidden using the Vault App. With more than 100 million users worldwide, the Vault App allows people to protect their mobile privacy in the form of photos and videos on their smartphones and tablets. This app works well along with App Lock, Private Bookmark, Cloud Backup Incognito Browser and a variety of other helpful feature that can be used for free or with in-app purchases. Useful features on the Vault App include the ability to hide and protect photos and videos, call reminders for private calls, privacy protection, private browsers, data transfer, password recovery and cloud backup. In addition, advanced features can be purchased, including break-in alerts, stealth mode, Multiple Vault and Fake Vault.

Tiny Scanner


Get the most out of your Android mobile phone or tablet by using the Tiny Scanner App to manage your documents. If you happen to be away from your desktop or laptop computer—or you don’t have one—there’s no need to worry because the Tiny Scanner app allows you to turn your mobile device into a portable document scanner, for scanning into images or PDFs. Using the Tiny Scanner App is kind of like having a scanner right in your pocket! Using the Tiny Scanner App, scans are saved to your device as images or PDF files, which you can name, organize into folders, and share using email, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive



Get the best of collaboration and communication tools using the Slack App to help get more work done with more efficiency on your team using the Slack App. The Slack App gives you tools to communicate with your team and organize your conversations based on projects or topics. Plus, you can use Slack to send messages or make online calls to individuals or groups in your team. The Slack App also lets you collaborate by sharing and editing documents, as well as integrating your workflow with other tools you already, use, such as Zendesk, Twitter, Dropbox, Salesforce and many others. Get customized notifications and archive everything in a way that’s best for you to make your work life simpler and more productive.



For business communication and office collaboration, the WeCom App connects parties in an efficient and effective manner. The WeCom App offers a variety of productivity tools including Meeting, Event, WeDrive and WeDoc as well as some flexible OA apps that allow for flexible business management. The WeCom App has been adopted by millions of users in many leading businesses and organizations, such as P & G, Bank of China, IKEA, Walmart, Changan Automobile, L’Oreal, Cartier and many others. Efficient communication with staff members allows users to read statuses and check messages quickly and easily on their smartphones. Plus, reliable storage, a corporate directory, integrated tools and customer connections allow WeCom users to stay in touch. The app is free to download and use.

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