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Sleep Cycle


Sleep Cycle is the smart alarm clock you've been searching for. This app allows you to optimize your night's sleep and wake up feeling more alert and ready to start your day off right. Sleep Cycle's advanced analytics allow you to track your sleeping patterns from the moment you fall asleep until you wake up in the morning. The key component of this app is that it tracks your REM cycles and starts your alarm when you are in the lightest phase of sleep. This helps you avoid waking up groggy or being pulled from a state of deep sleep. Download this app for free today to start tracking your sleep cycles, viewing your in-depth sleep analytics, and enhancing the overall quality of your sleep.



Docket® is an application that gives users access to their digital immunizations whenever they need it. The app is commission by several official government entities in the United States, which include the Minnesota Department of Health, New Jersey Department of Health, and the Utah Department of Health. Docket® is entirely optional to use and users always have the choice to use physical copies of their paperwork if preferred. The app simply provides a convenient alternative to help patients in these respective states access their medical records from their phone. Note - At this time, only New Jersey residents will have access to their COVID-19 records through the Docket® application. Residents of Minnesota and Utah currently can only access other immunization records through this platform.



By using the Fareway app, you'll be able to click and collect a variety of groceries, getting even more information about all of the deals, productions, and current items that are currently on sale in the Fareway store. You'll be able to open the app and enter your location. From there, you'll be given information about all the sites that are in your area. The one at the top of the list will be the closest to you, allowing you to easily arrive at a close Fareway store. You'll be able to click on the red 'Sale' button and instantly get a list of all of the discounts that are currently running in Fareway. From individual sales deals to whole group sets of coupons, you'll be able to get a range of savings. You can also just use the app to browse the online catalog, seeing all of the items that are in the store.

Ingles RX


With the Ingles RX application, you'll be able to manage your medical prescriptions with ease, getting rid of the hassle of the pharmacy process. Instead of waiting in line to give your information, you'll be able to request a prescription refill by simply entering the number of your prescription. You can do this at any of the Ingles Pharmacies across the United States of America, simply transferring the site of your prescription to whichever you're currently at. You'll also be able to opt-in for notifications with the Ingles RX app, getting an update straight to your mobile device when your prescription is up for a refill. If you've requested your prescription, you'll also get an update when your prescription is ready to pick up.


The Big5 App


If you're looking to lose weight and get into shape, then the Big 5 application is one of the best possible ways of doing so. You'll be able to track your workouts, following the in-app guides when you want to workout to easily get expert help with your fitness. Each session is specially designed, letting you work on a specific body part and move through the exercises. Within the app, you'll also be able to meal plan and track your food intake. This will let you see if you're on track to hitting your fitness goals, seeing your current counters for protein, carbs, and more! This app is an all-in-one fitness application, letting you take control of your own health.



Within the iRejuvenation application, you'll be able to take a look at your face after a range of non-invasive aesthetic procedures. You'll be able to get high-precision reports of how the procedure will go, as well as watch your face change shape over time. By clicking on a certain procedure, you'll be able to watch in hyperspeed as the procedure takes place. You'll be able to use iRejuvenation completely for free for the first 5 patients, allowing you to get an insight into how your face, and your friends and family's faces, would look after a certain cosmetic procedure. Once you've 'completed' a procedure, you'll then be able to export a PDF of your medical file and email it to a practitioner of a patient.

COVID Certificate


Looking for a COVID Certificate App? Look no further! Created on behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health, this app is designed to help you stay compliant with all the latest COVID requirements. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes it quick and easy to get started. In fact, all you need to do is scan the QR code on your certificate and you're good to go! You can then use the app to keep track of your certificate's status and expiration date. And if you need to renew your certificate, the process is just as easy. Simply show your vaccination status by revealing a QR code - no more carrying piles of paper around!

Daily Yoga


Daily Yoga is the ultimate yoga app, loved by 10 million people worldwide. There's a wide range of daily Yoga challenges, plus weekly new classes! If you're a beginner, it's ideal. You can join the simple yoga challenges and see the result. The app provides easy yoga classes to help learn the basics before diving into all of the advanced classes, sequences, and flows. You'll become a pro in no time! However, if you would consider yourself advanced, there are plenty of the world’s top yoga coaches. Because there are new courses updated weekly, you will never do the same yoga workout over and over again. Become a yogi with this beautiful and well-loved app

Glory Fit


This top of the line, stylish movement sleep monitoring app, Glory Fit, offers a unique way for users to get the most out of their sleep, exercise, and health. Free to download on either an Apple or Android smart phones or tablets, in conjunction with smart watches that have health benefits so that users can better understand their own health, or what might be keeping them from being healthy. The Glory Fit App is free to download and use, and it offers its users a variety of helpful, health tracking features. Perks include a pedometer feature that helps to track your walking, outdoor running and bicycling distances. It also has a sleep tracker that keeps you informed about how to be more well-rested.

Pregnancy Tracker


Whether a first time parent or an experienced pro, expecting parents can stay connected with your pregnancy, learn about your baby and follow along with the Pregnancy Tracker App sponsored by BabyCenter. Offering guides for early pregnancy until the end, with daily pregnancy updates and weekly information about the baby’s development. Not only does the app offer aid for every season of the pregnancy journey, in perfect timing, but it also offers help after the baby is born. With a daily parenting guide, baby growth tracker and so much more, the Pregnancy Tracker App helps parents get through the pregnancy as well as the first year of baby’s life. Get the complete and accurate pregnancy and parenting information right at your fingertips.



The Geocaching app provides users with a brand new and exciting way to explore their local area. With an innovative design and easy user interface, users are able to scout for hidden geocaches via the online map and then go out into the world to try and find them. User-generated routes are provided, with useful information regarding difficulty or terrain shown clearly within the app. Additionally, why not utilize the Geocaching app when traveling? The app offers an excellent way for users to discover hidden gems in a city, as well as adventurous rural trails. Hike and hunt for geocaches and explore everything your area has to offer with the Geocaching app. Download the app now and join the global community.

Blood Pressure Pro


Now you can control your blood pressure quickly and safely with all of the information you need. With the Blood Pressure Pro App, you not only can get information about you blood pressure, but also about your pulse, blood oxygen, blood sugar levels, weight and more. Use this clever app to track the trends and ways that your levels are evolving so that you can better understand your own health and take control of it! The Blood Pressure Pro App not only allows you to get access to the information you need about your own statistics, but it will also help you decide what to eat. With the scanner function, you can check the suitability of foods simply by scanning the bar code.

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