Health & Fitness

Samsung Health


The Samsung Health app is the perfect place to activate the healthier lifestyle you've always wanted to pursue. This platform creates fun and engaging ways to upgrade your health. These include activity monitoring, body weight logging and goals, and a daily step counter to help hold you accountable to the goals and systems you've put in place for yourself. Whether your exercise of choice is playing tennis, Russian Chess Boxing, or anything in between, the Samsung Health app offers clear benefits for the improvement of your health and fitness. Additionally, you can keep a log of your meals, snacks, and water intake for easier calorie tracking. You can also access mindfulness and meditation services for a more holistic approach to your long-term health. Download for free today.

Mi Fit


Mi Fit is an exciting app that allows you to monitor your physical activity and sleep habits so you can make improvements to your overall health. In addition to the clear physiological benefits that come with improving your physical fitness, there are also numerous mental and emotional benefits available. The Mi Fit app allows you to capitalize on these benefits with its intuitive system and user-friendly platform. With this app, you will get accurate stats and recaps of your training sessions, tips for improvement, and sleep assistant software to help you elevate your overall health. Download the free Mi Fit app today and pair it with your Mi Band, Amazfit Bip, Mi Scale, and other compatible products to start taking your fitness and health to the next level.

Step Tracker


Step Tracker is the best and easiest way to track numerous elements of your everyday routine. Yes, the application is a step counter that accurately records the number of daily steps, calories burned, distance traveled, average pace, and more. But Step Tracker is also a powerful resource for better understanding your health data and setting custom goals to help you reach your peak level of fitness more efficiently. The Step Tracker app comes with a live Map Tracking feature, which records the specific routes you used to help you get a deeper insight into your workout and plan for your next walk or jog. The Step Tracker app is 100% free to download and use. There is no login or account information required and users can enjoy all of the app features without having to subscribe or put a card on file. Download today.

Planet Fitness


Watch out other fitness apps - the Planet Fitness app is here! Access free workouts and features available only through this official PF mobile application. Stream workout videos and instructional content from top Planet Fitness trainers. Whether you want to use the app as your in-gym partner or at-home gym replacement, you now have the flexibility to make the most of your fitness and health routines no matter where you are. For members who are looking for a more low-key workout, there is a Crowd Meter feature that will allow you to see how many people are currently at each location so you can choose the best spot for your workout. Download the free Planet Fitness app today to put the gym in your pocket and improved health on the horizon.

Fine Pedometer


Say hello to Fine Pedometer - the official step counter app that is going to help you make sure you never miss your 10,000 daily steps again! Good health is essential to a long life, and the last thing you want to do is wake up in pain in your later years because you did not get enough exercise in your youth. We built our app to help make it even easier to keep track of your daily steps and hold yourself accountable. The best part is - this app is free to use and designed to allow you to get started immediately. All you have to do is download the app and enjoy the myriad of user-friendly features that will help you keep track of your daily steps and build momentum towards a better you! Get started today.



Ever desired to get fit but not known where to start? The WalkFit app is the perfect way to go. With results visible in 4 weeks, getting fit has never been easier. The WalkFit app takes on your desired goals and tailors a workout regime best suited for you. With intricate tracking and pedometer software, each step on your walking journey is logged and recorded within the app to ensure that all your hard-earned effort moves you towards your goal. Backed by professional coaches, you can be sure that the targets set are grounded in logic and health. With syncs available to your Fitbit device, as well as new ways to look at exercise, the WalkFit app is the best way to level up your fitness lifestyle.



FitOn is a free exercise app that is perfect for users taking their first steps into a healthier lifestyle, as well as those looking to change up from their usual routine. With an extensive array of plans ranging from bodyweight exercise, cardio, and even meditation, the FitOn app is the perfect companion to keep you active throughout the day. With personalized training set towards your individual goals, you can ensure that the FitOn app is ideally suited to your needs. Not enough time in the day? The FitOn app includes effective, enjoyable ten-minute high-intensity workouts to make the most of your limited time. Alongside the option for celebrity trainers to help motivate you into action, the FitOn app is the best out there for boosting your performance to the max.



With over 10 million downloads, Headspace is one of the most successful apps to utilize for those looking to find calm and relaxation in their everyday life. Mindfulness is hard to come by in the busy, fast-paced world where we all live, making Headspace all the more valuable to users. It provides extended sessions of focus as well as helpful techniques to help combat stress through daily tasks. Co-Founded by a former monk, the app is rooted in effective, highly established techniques presented in a way that is accessible to all. Guided meditation has never been more effortless, with varying levels of experience options available to develop your abilities gradually. When it comes to relaxation, calm, and sleep, Headspace is the way forward.

Runtastic Running App & Fitness Tracker


With over one hundred and seventy million people already having downloaded the Runtastic Running app, it would seem that when it comes to running and fitness, this is the app you need. Developed by Adidas, the Runtastic Running App and Fitness Tracker contains a sophisticated host of features ranging from simple GPS tracking to heart rate data and accurate statistics on sports beyond running - cycling, hiking, and everything in between. The Runtastic Running App and Fitness Tracker states that there are over ninety different sports it is perfect to be used alongside, which makes you question why you do not have it already. The features go on as you explore the app. Avid runners can participate in virtual races, while those with a statistics-driven heart can spend hours looking over their running data to see where they can improve. There is something for every kind of athlete within the Runtasic Running App and Fitness Tracker.



COVIDWISE is the best and official app to track exposure to the Covide 19 virus for Virginians, developed by Virginia's Department of Health. All concerns for both personal safety as well as the safety of others can be put to rest by using the COVIDWISE app. Security and reliability can be assured due to the app's highly effective combination of both Google and Apple software. The app's focus is to aid in alerting Virginians if they have possibly been in close contact with a positive Covid 19 case. The app uses a Bluetooth system which does not significantly affect the user's battery and instead allows users to continue living their day to day knowing they are doing their bit to help out. With the COVIDWISE app, the community's safety is the priority. The COVIDEWISE app is the best, most reliable way to continue working against the spread.



Change your fitness routine entirely using the Peloton App either at home or on-the-go by accessing thousands of classes whether live or on-demand. Get encouragement from more than 30 different top-notch instructors who bring encouragement and expertise as you work out. With tons of helpful features, the Peloton App supports you on your fitness and workout regime. Get connected with tons of different workouts that allow you to fulfill your fitness goals, with classes on strength training, meditation, stretching, HIIT, cycling, yoga, running and tons more. Use on your Android phone or cast to your television with Chromecast. Plus, use the Peloton App to keep track of your fitness profile, tracking your active days and workouts to stay on top of your progress.

V Shred


Forget going to the gym or worrying about paying a personal trainer. You can take your health and fitness into your own control using the V Shred App. A cutting edge app for fitness, V Shred offers guidance for nutrition and fitness that is fun and easy to use. Plus, it can all happen at the touch of a button on your Android smartphone! Join the V Shred community and use the App to stay connected with your fitness plan and training. Download the app for free and log in with your V Shred account or make in-app purchases directly from your phone. You can get access to custom workout programs, fat loss tips, custom diets, a body type quiz and so much more.

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