The NHS App is the official way to access your NHS services that are provided by the United Kingdom. You must be over the age of 13 to use this app and registered with a GP in England. This app gives you access to your private medical records and also functions as a NHS COVID Pass to help users stay organized and on top of their health. Users can also book appointments through the app and order repeat prescriptions with a few taps of a button. Additionally, you can send secure messages to your doctor, view hospital information, and access a slew of other useful services. Download the NHS app today and login to get started.

Protect Scotland


Protect Scotland is the free mobile application provided by NHS Scotland and their official Test and Protect service. The purpose of the app is to help residents and visitors of Scotland to protect themselves and each other from the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The app is voluntary and not officially required by the government, but it allows people who want to utilize the service to see if they have come into close contact with an individual who has recently tested positive for COVID. The app provides these services free of charge as a utility to the Scottish people and their visitors. The app manages user data securely and uses Bluetooth to search for other devices that are using the app and communicate with the apps to predict proximity and alert users when they are at risk. Download the app for free today to get started.

Babylon by TELUS Health


TELUS Health MyCare allows users to see a licensed healthcare professional with a virtual appointment you can attend through your phone. The app features appointment scheduling, access to dietitians and specialists, video consultations, and more. The TELUS Health MyCare app also provides a free symptom checker that is powered by AI to help you understand the potential implications of your symptoms. Save time by not needing to go to the doctor's office every time you are feeling under the weather or are looking for some professional medical advice. This app will have you covered and feeling a sense of security you haven't had before. The TELUS Health MyCare is free to download and use, so get started today to get access to quality healthcare service more conveniently than ever



The NHS COVID-19 app is the official app for contact tracing in England and Wales. The app is designed to help people get automatic information regarding whether they have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. NHS COVID-19 also offers helpful features to make this process easier for everyone involved, including check-ins, symptom checkers, and the ability to request a testing kit. The app is available in a wide variety of languages to help make sure that everyone who wishes to participate will have the opportunity to do so. Download the NHS COVID-19 app for free today to equip yourself with further protection from the virus.

K Health


Welcome to K Health - the app that provides you with anytime access to verified health information, licensed doctors, and a wide variety of other valuable features. Get specific advice to help you address your medical concerns, get prescriptions, chat live with doctors, and get comprehensive health coverage with or without health insurance. The app is free to download and the service itself is offered at either $12/month or $23/visit regardless of your health insurance coverage. Additionally, you can use the app tools and resources to help get a better understanding of your current health situation. Download K Health today to get started



ZocDoc is an app that helps you to find a doctor when you need and book a same-day appointment. Besides, ZocDoc will search for medical professionals that match your health insurance plan and make sure that you always get care on demand.

Home Remedies+


The Home Remedies+ app allows users to search through home health remedies for nearly 100 diseases, illnesses, chronic pains, and other ailments. The app offers powerful and user-friendly features like: saving remedies, adding to favorites, quick search, ask the community, submit your own remedy, and much more. The app is free to use and offers a quick and easy way to access remedies that have worked for other people and may be able to help you as well. Download Home Remedies+ today to get started.

Home Remedies Lite


The Home Remedies Lite app is the most popular home remedies app online, and for good reason. The Lite version offers a similar experience to the + version but takes us significantly less storage space on your phone. This app offers health remedies for close to one hundred diseases, illnesses, chronic pains, and other ailments. The app is free to use and offers a quick and easy way to access remedies that have worked for other people and may be able to help you as well. Download the Home Remedies Lite app today to get started.



The official RxSaver app helps you find the best coupons for prescription drugs at nearby pharmacies. The app is free to use and does not require a subscription, membership, or account. The RxSaver team understands that medications are often overpriced and difficult to obtain as a result. That's why RxSaver is designed to make prescription drugs more affordable and help users save up to 80%. RxSaver is easy to use and follows a simple three-step process: First, enter your medication. Second, get the free Rx coupon. Lastly, redeem your coupon at the pharmacy and enjoy the savings! Download the app for free today to get started.



If you are living in France and want to keep on top of the Covid-19 situation, then you should download the TousAntiCovid mobile application. With restrictions constantly changing, new variants coming out, and more, trying to stay safe while living your life with some semblance of normality can seem like a hopeless task - but the TousAntiCovid mobile app makes it possible. Once you've downloaded the app, you can activate it, and it will begin scanning. Using your phone's Bluetooth functionality, it will notice when other people's devices are nearby. If one of those people recently tested positive for Covid-19, the app will notify you. You'll then be able to take measures to keep yourself and your family safe. The TousAntiCovid app also acts as a hub for all of your Covid health documentation. Quickly show the QR codes that prove that you have been vaccinated.



If you live in the Netherlands and want to stay safe and keep others safe from Covid-19, then you should download the CoronaMelder mobile app today. The CoronaMelder app has been carefully designed by the professionals at the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport. The process of setting up the app is straightforward. Just activate it, and then it will start scanning using your mobile device's Bluetooth function. If you are nearby someone for over fifteen minutes who subsequently receives a positive test for Covid-19, you will be alerted by the app. You can then take appropriate measures to protect yourself and those close to you. The CoronaMelder mobile app has also been designed with privacy and personal security in mind. It only accesses your mobile device's Bluetooth function - nothing else - so you don't have to worry about any details being recorded or shared.

CO Exposure Notifications


If you live in the state of Colorado in the United States of America and you want to keep yourself and others safe from Covid-19, then you should download the CO Exposure Notifications mobile app today. The app has been professionally designed to be straightforward and secure. The way the app works is simple. None of your personal, private data is accessed, stored, or shared at any point. All that happens is that the app uses your mobile device's Bluetooth function to search for other devices with the app active. If you are closer than six feet to such a device for a period of ten minutes or more, your device will swap a small token with that other device. That way, if either of you subsequently tests positive for Covid-19, the other user will be alerted and can take appropriate measures to ensure their health.

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