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The ABC News app is the only app users will need to keep up with local and global events, ranging from live breaking news to small-time stories to warm your heart. With the ABC News app, users can filter through a vast array of categories, including but not limited to: Politics, Health, Finance, and even local interest stories. With this in mind, it is clear that users can attain a well-rounded experience to keep them up to date with the stories they care about. And that is not all; the ABC News app allows users to create personalized alerts to ensure that they never miss out on essential updates on topics or events that matter to them. Download today and join the over five million people who have already started with the ABC News app.

News Break


Looking for a convenient way to stay up-to-date on local news and alerts? Look no further than the NewsBreak app! This app provides users with quick and easy access to the latest news and alerts from their area. Whether you're looking for breaking news, weather updates, or traffic information, NewsBreak has you covered. Plus, the app offers personalized content based on your location. So whether you're in San Francisco or Seattle, you'll get local news that's relevant to you. You can even learn from local guides about the best things to do in your area. So whether you're visiting a new city or just looking for something to do on the weekend, NewsBreak has you covered.

MxM News


Get access to curated news content that moves past the various mainstream bias, censorship and dominance from institutions that leaves people feeling misinformed. Now, the MxM News App offers up to the date, minute by minute news coverage from a diverse range of new publications and topics, particularly those that are found on the right wing of American politics. Download the MxM App to your Android or Apple smart phone or tablet to get access to a wider range of news that is meant to avoid mainstream bias. When it first came out, this app was so popular that it topped the charts. Founded partially by Donald Trump, Jr., this app claims to keep society informed by updating users with coverage of the latest stories.

The Daily Wire


When you use the app for The Daily Wire, you’ll get access to the fast growing, conservative commentary from the various voices on the right, including news headlines and podcasts. Download The Daily Wire App for free directly to your Android or Apple smart phone or tablet and you’ll keep apprised of what is going on in the conservative, political world. You’ll have access to news about politics, headlines, live discussions with hosts, and more. Insiders who use The Daily Wire App with All-Access features can get extras like an ad-free experience, extra content and more. Headlines and podcasts include featured shows and hosts like The Andrew Klavan Show, The Ben Shapiro Show, The Matt Walsh Show and many others. Those who want to look at the various cultural and political situations from a conservative, right-wing perspective can find that here.

Fox News


With Fox News, you'll be able to get all of the latest US and world news headlines directly to your mobile device. From politics to sport, the app runs stories on everything, letting you stay up to date with all of the latest world news. You'll be able to watch live streams of your favorite presenters discussing the news, as well as tuning in to live headlines and breaking news events. Fox News Radio also offers a whole range of radio podcasts that you can tune in, in order to find out all of the latest opinions. Especially during election cycles, these are streams where you can find some very specific opinions being expressed. In 2021, Fox News received over a 1.6 billion USD lawsuit due to spreading false news, particularly relating to wearing masks and the pandemic.

The Epoch Times


The Epoch Times brings you a whole range of trusted news straight to your mobile device, bringing you a range of sources and article types. You'll be able to read through articles, log into Epoch TV for news streams of the latest stories, or listed to special podcasts about the most breaking stories. However you want to listen, The Epoch Times makes it easy for you. Alongside this, on The Epoch Times app, you'll be able to adjust your news to your habits - changing the sort of news that's delivered to your inbox and that comes up on your mobile feed. You'll also be able to save articles, creating a curated reading list - either of your favorites, or articles that you're saving for later. The Epoch Times makes news easy.

CNN Breaking US & World News


With the CNN Breaking US & World News application, you'll be able to get all of the latest updates from the CNN news channel. From breaking news on a global scale to local news delivered right to your device, you'll be able to access everything that's going on around the globe - no matter where or when. You'll be able to tune into exclusive CNN shows like "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown", letting you find new favorites while also learning more about the world news. What's more, on the CNN app, you'll be able to get Video on Demand if you're a US customer, letting you tune in to the CNN TV channel with the tap of a button. No matter what news you're interested in, you'll be able to find it on the CNN Breaking US & World News application.



Welcome to the app that needs no introduction: BuzzFeed is here. The BuzzFeed app is packed with exciting quizzes, trivia, news, and shopping opportunities to help you enjoy whatever experience you're looking for in total BuzzFeed fashion. If you enjoy testing your knowledge of trivia or diving deeper into the personality traits of you and your friends, BuzzFeed quizzes are sure to provide hours of entertainment and fun. BuzzFeed news also offers a wide variety of content that ranges from serious journalism to light and breezy celebrity gossip. If you want to experience a completely different way of consuming your news and interacting with friends, download the BuzzFeed app for free today.

Yahoo News


Yahoo News is one of the most popular mobile news platforms in the United States and the official mobile app comes with everything you need to stay up to date with the news of the world. The Yahoo News app makes it easy to customize your news intake experience and get content delivered straight from your favorite writers, publishers, podcasters, and networks. Yahoo News offers curated selections with the most important stories of the day and special columns, including The 360. Users have the ability to personalize the app to allow you to see the content you're interested in and forget about the rest. Yahoo News offers top notch news coverage with a free download and free content added daily. Get started by downloading the app today.

News Home


Do you love to keep abreast of the news? Do you need to be the first to know when a major story breaks? Then you need the News Home app. Bringing local, national and world breaking stories to your home screen, you’ll never miss an important development again. Simple and intuitive to use, you can customize the app to make sure the kinds of news stories that interest you the most are prioritized. This includes picking your preferred news sources so you hear from them first. What’s more, you can also access video news stories, which you can share with your friends. And, it’s not just news – News Home also brings you weather reports and fun games for you to play!

CBS News


Welcome to CBS News, a reliable name in the global news game. The CBS News app features live streaming coverage, breaking news reporting, like conference coverage, and all-access viewings of major hearings. You can also enjoy full episodes and clips from popular CBS shows, including "60 minutes" and "CBS Evening News." Users have the option to sign up for custom notifications that will provide alerts for important breaking stories and live event announcements. CBS News is free to download and use, so everyone will have access to their favorite content without having to spend a dime. Get started by downloading the CBS News app today.

Google Play Newsstand


Google News is the news aggregator that allows you to stay in touch with your areas of interest and avoid the burden of coming across news you'd prefer to avoid. The Google News app comes with a variety of tools and features to make your experience of consuming the news as seamless as possible. The For You tab presents you with a curated selection of stories based on your favorite topics. The app also provides multiple perspectives for individual stories to help readers acquire a more nuanced opinion than one would get from only reading content from a single perspective. Download the Google News app today to get started.

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