Dark Mode


Many Andriod devices don't provide your mobile device a secure way of using Night Mode across all of your apps. However, now with the Dark Mode application, you'll be able to protect your eyes while using your mobile phone. Dark Mode reduces the blue light that your device emits. Blue light is known for stopping the production of melanin, which is the brain chemical that helps you feel sleepy. The Dark Mode app, therefore, helps you sleep if you've been using your phone late at night. What's more, you'll be able to program which hours you want the Dark Mode app to kick in. This lets you quickly and easily start the Dark Mode app when you're heading to bed, keeping your phone completely secure to use without messing up your bedtime schedule.



With the Fonts Keyboard, you'll be able to change the default font that you type with on your Android device. By selecting a different font from Emoji+, Outline, Typewriter, Normal, and more, you'll be able to change your font. You can then type in this new font, writing your messages and sending them with this new font style. You'll be able to use these new Fonts Keyboard fonts in a range of different applications, changing the text on your Instagram stories, text messages, and social media bios! You'll also be able to gain access to a range of new stickers to send to all of your chats with family and friends. There's never been an easier way to change your fonts on your Andriod device!

CMM Launcher 2021


With the CMM Launcher 2021 application, you'll be able to get access to and download an incredible range of themes that you can upload straight to your mobile device. You'll be able to change the background of your mobile device, impacting how all of the different icons on your mobile homepage look and appear. This will allow your device to feel even more like your own, personalizing the device and ensuring it's exactly how you would like. What's more, with the CMM Launcher 2021 application, you'll be able to get HD resolution backgrounds, making your phone look better than ever. With the clear memory button, you'll also be able to boost the speed of your phone easily, letting you use your phone at max power without the strain.

Nova Launcher


The Nova Launcher application allows you to create a new home screen for your mobile device. You'll be able to select a range of different backgrounds, widgets, fonts, and presets for you to customize your mobile device with. This will allow you to quickly and easily construct a whole range of new home screens to bring your device to life. What's more, within the Nova Launcher application, you'll be able to create a night mode and dark mode theme, allowing you to turn on night mode to protect your eyes before heading to sleep. With the subgrid positioning, you'll be able to create a higher degree of Nova Launcher customization, helping you make your home screen exactly how you'd like it.

Messenger Home


Within the Messenger Home application, you'll be able to stay in contact with your friends and family with just a swipe of your screen. This messaging app will let you quickly access chats, texting people with a range of stickers, emojis, GIFs, and more! The app also keeps it simple, allowing you to access the top 5 people you frequently chat with just one swipe. What's more, you'll be able to access a range of customized features, letting you personalize how you chat with your friends and family. You'll also be able to create group chats with people, quickly chatting to multiple people all at the same time. If you want fast, secure messaging, then the Messenger Home app is for you!

APUS Launcher


Within the APUS Launcher, you'll be able to create a unique design for your mobile device home screen. This will let you change your background, add a range of interesting widgets, and make your phone feel special for you. You'll be able to personalize your screen and get it exactly how you'd like. You can choose a range of different themes, like movies and Tv, cartoon and anime, or pink and cute. Within the app, you'll also be able to enter into the widget store and find a range of business themes that you can use to boost your productivity. These are different tools, like to-do lists, that you can use on a daily basis to change the way you use your mobile device.

App Hider


Are you fed up of seeing the icons of Android apps you cannot delete but don’t need or use? Or maybe you don’t want someone snooping on you, and checking out the apps on your phone? Either way, you’ll love App Hider. This clever little app can help you hide applications from your home screen, and even create a separate photo gallery to store pictures you don’t want to appear in your main gallery. That way, you can keep private media files separate and not have to worry about who sees them. To make things easy, you can then view your private pics directly from the App Hider app! And, what’s more, nobody will ever know you have the App Hider app, because it masquerades as a calculator. Perfect!

Emoji ;)


Do you want your messages to be filled with more fun and unusual emojis and stickers? Then you need to download the Emoji ;) app. Providing thousands of free emojis for any chat messenger, you can make your messages stand out from the crowd by incorporating cute emojis, animojis and memojis. Whether you’re after cute animals, activity or celebration emojis - or maybe even a way to express your feelings, this app has something for every message to make your friends smile! These gorgeous additions to your messages can be used in Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, snapchat and more. Even better, there are so many to choose from – and many more being added regularly - you will never run out of something new to include in your chats!

GO Launcher


Do you love to customize your phone? Do you enjoy having colorful themes that you can regularly update, as well as cool wallpapers? In that case, the GO Launcher app is for you! With well over 10,000 free mobile themes and daily wallpaper updates, GO Launcher makes managing your phone a fun experience. It includes an impressive range of screen and drawer animation effects, as well as DIY Live wallpaper with a fun selection of stickers to incorporate! What’s more, it allows you to manage your apps including hiding and locking them to protect your phone security. You can even customize your home- and lock-screens with fun 3D effects! The GO Launcher will also boost your phone speed and help it operate more smoothly, using its Dr Clean feature.

Launcher for Android


Do you get bored with the way your phone interface looks? Do you enjoy downloading new high-quality wallpapers? Then the Launcher for Android app is for you. This app boasts a huge range of free designs and themes, with more developed all the time. It’s designed to be intuitive, and features helpful options such as the bottom search bar, and plenty of helpful app suggestions – not to mention a voice search shortcut to make things easier! And, with tons of cool features to help your phone seem more intuitive, such as the ‘double tap to lock’ function, this app will allow you to customize your phone so it works exactly to your needs. You even have the opportunity to hide apps or their names from the app drawer if you want, so your phone looks just how you want it to look.

Wallpapers for Fortnite


Do you love Fortnite? Are you a fan of changing your phone’s wallpaper with fun themes? Then the Wallpapers for Fortnite app is exactly what you are looking for! This app has a huge range of phone backgrounds, including all the Fortnite skins from Battle Royale, as well as wallpapers from season 9. Featuring an impressive range of Fortnite images, simply select the one you want and download it straight to your phone! Even better, you can save it to your phone’s image gallery and look them through all. What’s more, it also features logos, banners and more. If you love Fortnite imagery, this is definitely the perfect app for you. And the icing on the cake is that it’s free!

Bling Launcher


If you love fun ways to customize your phone, then you need to download the Bling Launcher app! As well as an impressively large range of over 1,000 free 3D wallpapers, it also includes funny emojis for you to include in your messages. Bling Launcher features hot topic themes, with something to suit you, whatever your interests might be. Live wallpapers match the hot topic themes, and are a sure fire way of making your home screen more stylish! The Bling Launcher app also showcases a range of cool transition effects for you to download, making your phone even more fun to use. And, with 3D wallpapers, Live wallpapers and HD wallpapers to pick from, you can customize and update your phone as often as you want!

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