Monkey is a video and messenger app that allows you to talk to your friends, as well as connect with new people. Monkey has over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store, meaning that you can chat to people all over the world. The new DUO mode allows you to chat with multiple people at once, allowing you to invite a friend to your call. The app was created by 5 teens from LA and has grown to have over 30 million users. With an international fan base, you can connect and learn more about other cultures, all from the comfort of your mobile device. Download this app today to get chatting, find the Monkey app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

New Messenger Chat


The new Messenger Chat app makes it possible for users to combine their conversations from all popular messenger and social media apps in one place. Easy to access and even easier to use, Messenger Chat puts your conversations from Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more, in one app. Chat, share photos, videos, and messages, and, most importantly, keep all your friends and family members in one place with Messenger Chat. The Messenger Chat app will save you time searching for the app you need, switching between apps, and keeping track of messages with the same people on different platforms. Simply download the Messenger Chat app and follow the steps to connect your messaging and social media accounts. Simple and secure to use, Messenger Chat makes chatting easy.

Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live


Have you ever watched an entertaining live stream and wondered what it would be like to create your own live stream to show the world? The Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live app has got you covered. With innovative audio and visual streams, users are able to find exactly what is right for them. Equally, fun battle games create an entertaining way to show support to your favorite hosts by boosting their scores and giving them gifts. With the Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live app, anyone can become a valued host. There are even options for virtual streaming! Simply choose an avatar, customize as much as you desire, then begin your stream. With an unlimited selection of streams to choose from all over the globe, you will always find something to enjoy with the Uplive-Live Stream, Go Live app.



GETTR is a new social media app that is looking to change the way we interact on social media. It's free of the political censorship that has become all too common on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and it's designed to bring back the enjoyment of social media by supporting freedom of independent thought. Just like other social media platforms, there's a personalized timeline where you can see updates from the people and brands you follow. Plus, there's breaking news, entertainment, and more all in one place. But what makes GETTR different is that it's a safe space for independent thought. So if you're looking for a social media platform that supports freedom of thought and independent voices, GETTR is the app for you.



The Periscope mobile app is a tool that is bringing the world closer together. If you're eager to meet new people, feeling lonely, or even looking to find a date, then the Periscope app might be the right thing for you. Unlike other social media apps, Periscope is designed to encourage real people to talk to each other and have conversations with each other. You'll be able to talk to people via audio or video calls for a more real human experience. Signing up for Periscope is as simple as completing a two-step registration. Once you've done that, you can find new friends via the recommendations or by searching. Find someone who you think will be a good match for you and hop into a video call with them to get started chatting.

GB Version Apk


The app GB Version APK is an app that is very similar to Whatsapp and has got similar features to this app. It looks like Whatsapp, but it is just a helper. It will let you communicate with your friends and will help you get Whatsapp on your phone. This is a helper to download a communication service app in order for you to stay connected with your family and friends. This means you get the most exclusive features to astonish your friends with some hidden extension. The new version of this is an app designed to have a better customer experience using Whatsapp. Try it for yourself and you will see how powerful and smooth the experience will be

Parallel Space Lite


Combining personal and work communications on one device can be stressful. It becomes easy for work-life to interrupt personal life and vice versa. How great would it be to have the option to keep both communications separate, allowing you to focus on work during work hours, and ignore work correspondence during personal time? Now you can, thanks to Parallel Space Lite! One of the top-ranked Android tools, Parallel Space has helped over 90 million users manage multiple communication accounts simultaneously on the same device. Building on the success of the original Parallel Space app, Parallel Space Lite boasts even faster performance speeds for streamlined communications at all times. Supporting 24 languages, Parallel Space Lite makes it easy to manage multiple accounts to maintain a good balance between work and life.



VK, short for VKontakte, unites millions of people worldwide with great communication, entertainment, and dating features. Exhibiting a range of social media solutions for a variety of everyday situations, VK allows its users to listen to music, watch videos, play games, shop, and monitor their health. VK is one of the largest social networks in the world and enjoys a broad community with members all over the world. With instant messaging, video calls, and sharing capabilities, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with family and friends than it has with VK. Post photos and videos to document key life events and share your favorite memories with your loved ones. If fitness is your thing, you can even use VK to keep track of your health and stay in shape. With competitive activities to enjoy with friends, fitness has never been more fun.



Winner of the Webby Awards for Best Community eleven years in a row, Tumblr is an endless treasure of internet culture, subtle experiences, and creativity. From memes to texts, tweets to quotes, Tumblr is an ecosystem of growth, aesthetics, and new initiatives. New ideas are welcome on Tumblr. Create, publish, and share content you love and sit back and relax as your likes and re-blogs make history. From bullet journals to puppy pictures, Tumblr has everything you could wish for. GIFs, imagery, and quotes are part and parcel of Tumblr, as is endless engagement with a like-minded community of friends. Create your own Tumblr profile to share your re-blogs and original content with the world. Don’t worry, if you’d prefer to stay private, Tumblr allows you to password protect your profile. Everything you need is awaiting on Tumblr.



It’s important to have interests and hobbies. But it’s equally important to have people to share them with. Amino is the home to social micro-networks and communities that discuss hundreds, if not thousands, of topics. Amino is the perfect place to meet new friends, discover new communities, enjoy fan content, participate in challenges, and, most importantly, share your interests with like-minded individuals. From Anime to K-pop, video games to music, literature to art, Amino has communities that discuss everything you could possibly imagine. Meeting new friends and discussing your passions is easy on Amino thanks to the option to join up to 100 different communities. Discover fanfiction, create blogs, share polls, write reviews, and much more, all on your mobile phone. Plus, forge friendships with users around the world who love what you love. It’s a match made in heaven!



Compare anything with Wishbone. Join your friends, family, and celebrities by creating polls and generating feedback on key questions and debates. From fashion, celebrities, humor, politics, sports, music, and plenty more, Wishbone allows you to get to know your friends and followers on a whole new level. With a series of 14 pop culture-based questions and 2 distinct choices twice a day, you can share your choices and comparisons with your followers. Enjoy private conversations on Wishbone with the ability to send personal Wishbone cards and messages to your friends. If you’d really like to get involved, you can even create something truly awesome for the opportunity to be featured in the Wishbone Community Feed or Daily Dozen. What are you waiting for? Get creating and let the whole world vote on your poll.



MSQRD is a free application that edits your face in real time, by applying a mask that you can choose at the bottom of the device’s screen. You’ll be able to morph into animals or celebrities, applying a ‘mask’ over your face to assimilate into their character. To use this app, simply point the camera of the device you are using to the face and replace it with the mask. You’ll be able to use this app even when taking photos and videos. That’s due to the fact that there is an inbuilt feature for taking photos and videos with the mask on. You’ll be able to create and generate masks in only a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to play jokes on your friends by changing your face.

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