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Latest Updated Nov 2, 2022
Latest Version 3.0.1
Developer Play&Fun
Operating system Android
Language English
Price free
Available version 3.0.1
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FitGift is a fun and friendly health management app with a simple message, the healthier you are, the more you earn! FitGift is unlike any other health management app, without a focus on intense and uncomfortable exercise and pushing your body to it’s absolute limit. All you need to do is walk daily and drink water regularly to get fit. A healthy body is built up through small healthy habits, as long as you believe in yourself you will be able to achieve whatever you set out to do! With many features that will help you alongside your fitness journey like the step tracker. Track your daily steps, calories burned and weight loss progress all within the app. FitGift uses a built in sensor to count your steps, there is no GPS tracking so it doesn’t consume all your battery life.

More Details

Some Key Features of the FitGift App

  • Easy To Use – the app has a user friendly interface making it easy to use for everybody
  • Earn – the FitGift app provides a unique opportunity for you to be rewarded for simply being healthy
  • Compatible – the app is designed to work for all devices allowing you to keep track of your efforts
How to install the application

How to Download the FitGift App

  1. Download the FitGift app by opening the Google Play Store
  2. From there, click on the search bar at the top of the screen
  3. Type in the name of the application and click on the app icon in the search menu
  4. Tap "Download" and wait for the app to install onto your mobile device
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to Uninstall the FitGift App

  1. If you no longer require the app, then you can delete it by first going to your phone settings
  2. Locate the Application Manager (App Manager)
  3. Find the FitGift app and then click “uninstall” to remove it from your device
Tips & Tricks

More About the FitGift App

  • Water Intake Tracker – combined with your body data, FitGift will help you determine how much water your body needs each day. Each time you drink you can switch cups and accurately adjust the amount of water you will consume
  • Professional Charts – expertly designed for you to keep track on all of your health data and information on your fitness journey, the report charts are the most innovative ever and they are specifically designed for mobile devices so you will get the best help during your fitness journey
  • Step Tracking – the step tracker has been designed so it utilises the built in sensor on your device so it does not use all of your battery life giving you full freedom to listen to music or podcasts while you are on the move
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