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4.56 (138,970)
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Latest Updated Oct 7, 2022
Latest Version 3.26.0
Developer Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Operating system Android, iOS
Language English
Price $129/INGATORP Desk
$3.99/SKUGGIS Hook
Available version 3.26.0
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The IKEA mobile app makes it even easier to shop your favorite IKEA products. Instead of needing to run to the IKEA store any time you need to make a purchase, you can use this app to order products to be delivered. If you prefer the in-store shopping experience, you can also see what is currently in stock at your nearest location. Additionally, you can save your favorite items in the app so you can return later when you are ready to complete your purchase. Download the official IKEA app today to elevate your shopping experience and make it even easier to save.


More Details

Key features of the IKEA app

  • Member Login - Access your membership info digitally through the app
  • Store Finder - Find your nearest IKEA location and browse its available inventory
  • IKEA Support - The IKEA support team is happy to help with any problems that arise
    How to install the application

    How to Download the IKEA app

    1. If you're looking for a dynamic app with a user-friendly interface, download IKEA by opening the Google Play Store
    2. Once you're there, you can click on the search bar at the top of the screen
    3. Type in the name of the application and click on the app icon in the search menu
    4. Tap "Download" and wait for the app to install onto your mobile device
    • The above app is a mobile app that will not change any system settings on your phone
    • All apk files downloaded from our site are secure
    • We provide the official download link from Google Play Store
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    • Our website and its content strictly comply with all the terms and conditions of Google Ads Advertising policies and Google Unwanted Software policy
    Steps to Uninstall android App

    How to Uninstall the IKEA App

    1. If you no longer need the functions or services of this application, you have the option to uninstall it by opening the Application Manager on your device
    2. First, scroll down until you find the IKEA app
    3. Next, click on the app and tap 'Uninstall'
    4. The app will be successfully uninstalled from your mobile device and all of its data will also be removed
    Tips & Tricks

    More about the app

    • Personalized Shopping: See full bedroom and kitchen setups based on your personal interests to help you get ideas for your next purchase; whether or not you need inspiration, you can feel confident knowing that you are getting something stylist and so you
    • Discounts: By joining the free IKEA membership, you can get access to exclusive discounts and a complimentary cup of coffee or tea every time you visit a store; this is just one of the many ways that all of us at IKEA want to thank you for being an IKEA member
    • Massive Inventory: When you visit a physical IKEA store location, you know that you are going to have a large selection of items to choose from; when you order online, you are able to expand to a worldwide collection of items that instantly become available and ready to be ordered
    • Swedish Engineering: If you know anything about Swedish engineering, it is that every piece of furniture and every other item you find will be created in a way that makes sense; this functional craftsmanship is just one of the many benefits you get when you shop IKEA
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