Mi Home

Mi Home

Category Lifestyle
10 M |
4.52 (16,682)
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Latest Updated Aug 18, 2023
Latest Version 8.7.706
Developer Xiaomi Inc.
Operating system Android, iOS
Language English
Price $263 Redmi Note 10s
$59.99 Buds 3 Pro
$199.99 Air Purifier 3C
Available version 8.7.706
Version history

Mi Home is a handy app that lets you manage and connect your smart home devices to each other and to networks. Control various smart devices in your home from this app on your mobile device. With the official Mi Home app, you can manage, organize, and connect your home devices in ways you never knew were possible. Download the application for free today and simply add devices to start connecting. Thanks to Mi Home, your home, office, or commercial store just got a whole lot smarter.

More Details

Key Features of the Mi Home app

  • Connect Your Home - Mi Home lets you connect to various smart devices in your home
  • Compatability - the app allows for various program functions for your multiple devices
  • Free - The Mi Home app is entirely free for users to download and begin enjoying
Extra Details

Device support available will vary by area; please first refer to the user manual or the official website.

How to install the application

How to install Xiaomi Home?

This app is available for free on Android and iOS operating systems in the app store:

  1. Launch the iOS App Store or Play Store on your mobile device
  2. Search for “Xiaomi Home” in the search bar
  3. Locate the search result with the official app logo
  4. Tap to download the app
  5. Once downloaded, click “open” to launch the app and begin using
  6. There are various videos to help you explore all of the various features and get the most out of the app
  • The above app is a mobile app that will not change any system settings on your phone
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to uninstall?

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Locate the Application Manager (App Manager)
  3. Find the app and tap the “uninstall” button to remove from your device
Tips & Tricks

More About the Mi Home App

  • Connect Smart Devices - You can now enhance the connectivity of smart devices in your home. Share With Family and Friends: The Mi Home app makes it easy to share device management access with the other people living in your home. This allows your personal relationships with your roommates
  • Protect Your Home Appliances- You can protect your home using this app, as all your different smart appliances can talk to each other, meaning that you are able to sort out your home security, temperature, lighting, and much more too
  • Cloud Storage - You can store things like your camera surveillance on the cloud, meaning that it doesn't use up too much data and you can re-access any of your home security footage anytime. Use the cloud storage anytime
  • Remotely Control Your Devices - You can switch a light switch on and off, turn up a radiator - even when you're away from home. So you can control your devices from anywhere, making it the perfect app for when you go on holiday
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