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Latest Updated Dec 25, 2020
Latest Version 1.8.3
Developer Facebook
Operating system iOS
Language English
Price Free
Available version 1.8.3

MSQRD is a free application that edits your face in real time, by applying a mask that you can choose at the bottom of the device’s screen. You’ll be able to morph into animals or celebrities, applying a ‘mask’ over your face to assimilate into their character. To use this app, simply point the camera of the device you are using to the face and replace it with the mask. You’ll be able to use this app even when taking photos and videos. That’s due to the fact that there is an inbuilt feature for taking photos and videos with the mask on. You’ll be able to create and generate masks in only a few seconds, giving you the opportunity to play jokes on your friends by changing your face.

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Key Features of the MSQRD app

  • Filters - Users can scroll through the different options of face filters available to choose from
  • Effects - Users can apply different emotions and effects on top of photos and videos
  • Awesome Masks - You can use the MSQRD app to apply carnival masks to your videos and photos
How to install the application

How to download the Fox Fast VPN app

  1. With an Android device, you’re able to install APK files directly to your mobile. All you need to do is access the APK file in your browser
  2. Once you’ve done that, tap on the APK file’s download link, a download bar will then appear at the top of the screen
  3. Once the file has fully downloaded, open the ‘Downloads’ folder on your mobile device
  4. Tap on the APK file and hit ‘Yes’ when you’re given the Yes or No prompt. The app will then begin installing onto your device
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to Uninstall the App

  1. To remove this from your smartphone or other devices, uninstall it by opening the App Manager
  2. Choose the app to uninstall from the list of apps
  3. Click on the app and then click the ‘uninstall’ button
  4. You may need to ‘agree’ that the app and all of its data will be removed from your device
Tips & Tricks

More About The App

  • Forget Snapchat Lenses; the MSQRD app is your one-stop-shop for mindless selfies that can turn you into a Joker, Leonardo Dicaprio, Harry Potter, Barrack Obama, and a host of other characters
  • You can quickly see MSQRD features in Facebook Messenger or Facebook applications. You can use the MSQRD app to insert selfie masks on photos and videos that you can save and share on social media
  • This is an amazingly fun app that provides life filters for photos and selfie videos. You’ll be able to trick your friends and play jokes on them by adding masks on top of their, or your, face with ease!
  • You can put all sort of effects on your face too. From adding a beard, changing your eye color, or adding a face mask layer with accompanying cucumbers, you'll be able to totally change how your face looks in real time
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