Category Lifestyle
500 M |
4.50 (617,375)
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Latest Updated Apr 11, 2023
Latest Version 11.12.0
Developer Pinterest
Operating system Android, iOS
Language English
Price $2-$5/1000 impressions
Available version 11.12.0
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Pinterest is an informative app that enables users to explore and learn about different creative aspects and categories, including lifestyle, wedding ideas, art, and more. You'll be able to navigate through posts across a range of areas like fitness, fashion, home design, travelling, recipes, and more. You can create boards for each one of your hobbies, allowing you to collect your favourite images all in one place. The app was first released in 2009, and has since recorded more than 500 million downloads on Google Play. It is one of the largest social medias in the world, with over 478 million monthly users as of March 2021.

More Details

Features of Pinterest

Here are some of the things you can do on the app:

  • Partner with your friends for a DIY assignment, group party, or trip
  • Find articles on trending topics
  • Discover how you can make a particular object by snapping it with Pinterest Lens
  • Discover beauty tips and design inspiration for your next big event
  • Follow your favourite hobbies and create boards for future inspiration
Extra Details

You can quickly register on the "Welcome" screen if you have never used this application before. Alternatively, you can also log in using your Facebook and Twitter account, if you would prefer. When you register a new account on Pinterest, you can scan all users' photo sharing. The main goal of creating this application is to view some interesting or eye-pleasing pictures during leisure time. It provides a safe place to store boards filled with creative inspiration.

How to install the application

How to install Pinterest app on your mobile device?

The steps below explain how you can download Pinterest app on your Andriod device:

  1. Step one is to launch the Google Play store
  2. Type in "Pinterest" into the search bar
  3. Touch the most relevant search result
  4. Tap "install" to download and install the app to your mobile device
  5. Once the app has downloaded, you can then use it
  • The above app is a mobile app that will not change any system settings on your phone
  • All apk files downloaded from our site are secure
  • We provide the official download link from Google Play Store
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to uninstall the app?

Just follow these simple steps to delete the pinterest app off your phone:

  1. Locate the "Settings" icon on your phone
  2. Tap "Application Manager" or "Apps"
  3. Touch "Pinterest" and tap "uninstall"
Tips & Tricks

More About the App

  • Inspirational Content - Pinterest is designed to get you inspired and fill you with ideas for your next event, project, or trip. By collecting images all in one place, you can build a mood board of great ideas from other users around the globe
  • Connect to the Internet - As Pinterest works as an online platform, where users can add photos or colelct photos in one place, you must be connected to the internet to use this service. You can use Wi-Fi or your data from your mobile device
  • Organization - One fantastic thing about this app is that you can craft multiple boards within the app. That means you could have one board for one project and another board for a different project. This helps you keep everything exactly where it should be!
  • Sharing with Friends - With the Pinterest app, you also have the ability to share ideas with your friends. If you are proud of a board, you can select it and share it with anyone you like. Not only does this bring more viewers to your board, but you could also gain inspiration from looking at a friend's board!
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