PlantNet Plant Identification

PlantNet Plant Identification

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Latest Updated Mar 13, 2023
Latest Version 3.14.5
Developer PlantNet
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Available version 3.14.5
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With so many different plant variations, it can feel overwhelming to know exactly how to care for our favorite greenery. It can be even harder to distinguish one plant from the next! Thanks to PlantNet Plant Identification, identifying plants has never been easier. Simply upload a photo of your plants and get instant information about the plant from origin to species. Plus, the benefits of PlantNet don't just end there. Every photo uploaded to PlantNet is collected and analyzed by scientists to better understand wild plants around the world. As a part of our most recent update, PlantNet Plant Identification users can also share observations and access plant factsheets.

More Details

Key features of the app

  • User-friendly: simply take a photo from your phone and upload it to the app. Add any distinguishing features and away you go. We'll soon review and report back so that we can all improve our understanding of the different plants growing in nature
  • Educational: PlantNet is a fun yet educational way to learn about plants. App users can browse through a range of photos to identify and learn about a new plant each day
  • Privacy: your account and login information is securely stored within the app to protect your data
How to install the application

How to Download PlantNet Plant Identification

  1. To install the PlantNet Plant Identification, first open up Google Playstore, Apple App Store or Android Marketplace
  2. Once you're there, click the search bar at the top of the screen and search "PlantNet Plant Identification"
  3. Select the app and click "Download." Your installation will now begin
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to Uninstall PlantNet Plant Identification

  1. Do you no longer need PlantNet Plant Identification
  2. Open the application manager on your device and find PlantNet Plant Identification
  3. Select the app and click "Uninstall." The app will now uninstall from your device and all data will be removed
Tips & Tricks

More about the app

  • Citizen science project: by nature, PlantNet's users are botanical lovers. When uploading photos of wild plants to the app, you join a network of like-minded individuals sharing their passion for nature. Thanks to your efforts, PlantNet is now able to recognize approximately 20,000 species
  • Smart: the more you contribute, the more we learn. By adding observations and photos, the more accurately we can identify new species and discover how best to cultivate and encourage botanical growth
  • Wildlife: flowering plants, trees, grasses, conifers, ferns, vines, wild salads or cacti - with your help, we'll develop our understanding of the natural world and help to make the world a greener place
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