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Plus Messenger

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4.18 (738,485)
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Latest Updated Mar 16, 2023
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Operating system Android
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Plus Messenger is a free messenger app that connects you with all your loved ones. Resembling WhatsApp, this application ensures that you'll always only be a text away from reaching your family and friends. The customization factors in the app allow you to personalize your screen layout to your heart's content. With over 30 million downloads and 295,000 positive reviews, Plus Messenger is one of the biggest messenger apps on the market. If you need a free, safe, and secure way to contact your friends from anywhere in the world, Plus Messenger is the app for you. Connect with friends and family on the Plus Messenger app to keep up with each other's lives. Download the chatting app today!

More Details

Key Features of the Plus Messenger app

  • Personal - Create a personalized theme to tailor the design of the app exactly how you like
  • Accessible - The Plus Messenger mobile application is available in multiple languages
  • Communicate - If you're always chatting and have lots to say, try the Plus Messenger app now

Extra Details

Extra details and features:

  • Show floating notifications when users are online/writing
  • Select all chats and apply different options (read, mute/unmute, archive...)
  • Forward messages without quoting. Option to edit message/caption before forwarding
  • Save documents using an original name
  • Copy a selection of your text message
  • Set photo quality before sending
  • Show user's bio in chat
  • Add time to floating date in chat
  • Start a video stream using the main camera
  • Show download progress
  • Quick switch between chats through the quick bar
  • Show user messages and media in group chat
  • Show/hide or mute/unmute buttons from channels
  • There are over 10 different bubbles and checks designs
  • Hide mobile number from navigation menu drawer and settings menu
  • Show username instead of mobile number in the navigation menu
  • Easily switch to night mode from the navigation menu
  • Show/hide options from the navigation menu
  • Use phone emojis
  • Use phone font
  • Save and restore Plus Messenger settings
How to install the application

How to install Plus Messenger on your mobile device?
Follow these steps to install the app on your phone:

  1. Go onto the App Store
  2. Type in "Plus Messenger"
  3. Click the app and then hit the "Download" button
  • The above app is a mobile app that will not change any system settings on your phone
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  • We provide the official download link from Google Play Store
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to uninstall the Plus Messenger App?

  1. Find your "Applications Manager"
  2. Find Pluss Messenger in the list of apps
  3. Click the app and tap the "Uninstall" option
Tips & Tricks

More About The App

  • Separated chat tabs - Channels, users, groups, favorites, bots, and creator tabs are all available for you to use. Personalise your space the way you want with separate chats. This is great for streamlining and organizing your apps the way you want
  • Multiple accounts - Have up to 10 different accounts at once. This is great for those who use different emails for work, family and friends. Chats - Create custom group chats with as many or as few recipients as you want. The choice is yours!
  • Categories - There are various ways to filter conversations. Choose what categories you want your chats separated into. Pinned Conversations - Have up to 100 pinned conversations at once. Pins can help you keep track of which conversation is going on and which is most important
  • Stickers - Favorite stickers limit has been increased to 20. Use stickers in chats to send funny messages, show your emotions, and add some extra fun into chats. Personalised stickers add some sparkle into Plus Messenger chats, share the fun and love with mates
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