VPN Super - Free VPN Proxy Server & Secure App

VPN Super - Free VPN Proxy Server & Secure App

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4.64 (564,279)
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Latest Updated Oct 7, 2022
Latest Version 1.18.0
Developer VPN Super Inc.
Operating system Android
Language English
Price $11.99 - $79.99 per item
Available version 1.18.0
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Welcome to VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy - the VPN app that comes with unlimited bandwidth and wildly fast speed. Whether you are looking to use a VPN to stream movies, catch up on your favorite shows, or watch sporting events that are blacked out or unavailable in your country, downloading VPN - SUper Unlimited Proxy is the first and only step you need to take in order to realize your metaphysical freedom. Live your life to the fullest by never being forced to watch your second or third option because of your current location; download VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy and bypass those annoying registrations to get started as soon as the app is loaded onto your device. Get started today!

More Details

Key features of the VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy app

  • Quick Suggestion - If your connection fails, switch to OpenVPN UDP and OpenVPN TCP protocol
  • Privacy - Users must click the feedback button in order for any data to be extracted and/or shared
  • Failure Log - The only log that is taken is the failure log, which alerts our team and gives us the ability to improve your experience
How to install the application

How to Download the VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy app

  1. If you're looking for a dynamic app with a user-friendly interface, download VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy by opening the Google Play Store
  2. Once you're there, you can click on the search bar at the top of the screen
  3. Type in the name of the application and click on the app icon in the search menu
  4. Tap "Download" and wait for the app to install onto your mobile device
  • The above app is a mobile app that will not change any system settings on your phone
  • All apk files downloaded from our site are secure
  • We provide the official download link from Google Play Store
  • The trademarks and logos of all the merchants displayed on the website are the property of their respective owners. The website is not affiliated or associated with any of them
  • Our website and its content strictly comply with all the terms and conditions of Google Ads Advertising policies and Google Unwanted Software policy
Steps to Uninstall android App

How to Uninstall the VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy app

  1. If you no longer need the functions or services of this application, you have the option to uninstall it by opening the Application Manager on your device
  2. First, scroll down until you find the VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy app
  3. Next, click on the app and tap 'Uninstall'
  4. The app will be successfully uninstalled from your mobile device and all of its data will also be removed
Tips & Tricks

More about the app

  • Unlimited Servers: If you are in a position of needing VPN services that will allow you to choose from a high volume of servers in order to get the best speed available, then you are definitely in the right place; our VPN servers are routinely maintained with new servers being added whenever the number of connections increase to help keep speeds as fast as ever
  • Advanced Privacy: Sure, most VPN apps say that they will protect your privacy and never sell your data, but it is still difficult to be sure that you can trust an application with this level of data access; that's why at VPN - Super Unlimited Proxy, we let our platform and reviewers speak for themselves
  • Secure Connections: One your are connected to a server, you can feel confident that you are going to be able to maintain that secure connection for the duration of your VPN experience; it can be annoying to be kicked from server to server, which is why we make sure to create a single tap connection experience for all of our users
  • Zero Log Saving: In addition to priding ourselves on privacy and top quality VPN servers, we take things a step further by never saving logs or transcripts of your browsing history; this lets you use our platform for whatever you need, whether it be streaming movies or connecting to important meetings in other countries, your logs are save with us
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