Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail

100 M |
4.48 (375,205)
Technical Specification Download
Latest Updated Aug 18, 2023
Latest Version 7.21.1
Developer Yahoo
Operating system Android, iOS
Language English
Price $0.99/month Mobile Pro
$9.99/year Mobile Pro
$49.99/year Ad-Free
Available version 7.21.1
Version history

You can get the BEST email app for your Android device with Yahoo Mail – organized, customized, awesomized! This app makes it incredibly fast and hassle-free to find what you’re looking for in your email, organizing various accounts including your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, AT&T, and Yahoo mailboxes. Yahoo Mail lets you easily identify and block junk mail senders as well as track the deals and special offers you’ve received so you know what coupon you have to use. You can even check in for events and more with just one tap! Whether you need a clutter-free mailbox, added customization, different views for deals and attachments, or even more storage, Yahoo Mail has you covered. Yahoo Mail – Boom, mailed it!

More Details

Key Features of the Yahoo Mail app

  • Any Email Address - Add a Gmail, Outlook, or AOL email account to keep everything in one place
  • Opt-Out - Unsubscribe from email marketing with one tap from the Yahoo Mail mailing lists screen
  • Attachments View - See all of your photos and files attachments in one easy view screen
How to install the application

How to install Yahoo Mail on your mobile device:

The steps below explain how you can download the app on Google Play:

  1. Launch Google Play on your Android device
  2. Input “Yahoo Mail” in the search bar type "Yahoo Mail"
  3. Tap “install” to download and install the app
  4. Wait for the process to complete
  5. Tap “open” to launch the app
  • The above app is a mobile app that will not change any system settings on your phone
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to uninstall:

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Locate the Application Manager
  3. Click on the app and tap the “uninstall” button to remove it from your device
Tips & Tricks

More About The App

  • Yahoo Mail was designed with the user in mind – to make your email experience from your mobile device seamless, user friendly, fast, and convenient. It is packed with premium features that help to accomplish this goal, leading to an impressive 4.5 star average rating
  • You can customize the look of your inbox to tailor it to your individual preferences. The options are clean and organized, making it easy to locate, view, and move emails, attachments, and more with unmatched ease. No more clicking and scrolling to locate what you’re looking for, this app is fast!
  • The Yahoo Mail app was designed and is offered by Yahoo for free to download and use. Optional in-app purchases are available if you choose, starting at just 99 cents. Yahoo has over 100 million downloads and is enjoyed by people all over the world
  • Travel stress-free with the “travel view” feature. This view keeps all of your flight information in one organized spot. Smart Updates, from gate changes to delays and cancellations, will instantly appear in the app, so once you check in — you can check way out
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