Your Phone Companion

Your Phone Companion

500 M |
4.23 (7,148)
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Latest Updated Apr 11, 2023
Latest Version 1.23022.150.0
Developer Microsoft Corporation
Operating system Android, iOS
Language English
Price Free
Available version 1.23022.150.0
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Your Phone Companion gives you access to every notification on your phone, calls, apps, gallery and messages on your personal computer. Instead of having two different notification centers, this app will merge all your devices together, making sure it’s all in one place. With this app, you’ll be able to stay engaged with every single notification that comes through on your PC, keeping you informed 24/7. The app is free, allowing you to stay in the loop without spending a single penny. You can now have free access to all the things you would love to check on your computer with the tap of a button. From alerts and texts to emails and requests, everything will now come directly to your mobile device.

More Details

Key features of the Your Phone Companion app:

  • Enables you to make and receive your calls on your computer You can access your notifications on your PC
  • It gives you access to all the apps you love on your mobile phone right on your PC
  • You can read and respond to phone messages right from your PC
  • It gives you access to your phone gallery to check and copy out your pictures
  • It enables you to access your phone through a bigger screen with a keyboard
How to install the application

How to install your Phone Companion on your mobile device?

The steps below explain how you can download your Phone Companion on Google Play:

  1. Launch Google Play on your Android device
  2. Input “Your Phone Companion” in the search bar
  3. Touch the most relevant search result
  4. Tap “install” to download and install the app
  5. Wait for the process to complete
  6. Tap “open” to launch the app
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Steps to Uninstall android App

How to uninstall the app?

You can uninstall Your Phone Companion on your mobile device by following these steps:

  1. Locate the “setting” icon on your phone
  2. Tap "Application Manager" or "Apps"
  3. Touch Your Phone Companion
  4. Press "uninstall"
Tips & Tricks

More About the App

  • All you need to do to have everything in one place is install the windows app on your phone and connect it with your Windows 10 personal computer or your PC. This should only take a few moments, meaning you'll be connected in no time
  • Connecting your phone to your PC doesn’t just give you access to every form of notification that comes from your PC, day or night, it also makes things like copying images, documents, and more as easy as can be
  • You should pick Surface Duo, Samsung models, and Windows 10 PC for better results and experiences. These devices have special systems in place which makes them prime candidates for pairing with your mobile device. These will pair in a matter of moments and will stay paired until you decide to stop
  • Accessing phone apps and performing operations like drag and drop may require some level of compatibility. Due to this, it is better to select one of the above models for pairing between your mobile device and digital computer. Some functions are harder to complete on the small phone screen in comparison to the original task on computer
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